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Why Tree House?

Because our team is breaking down the client-agent relationship in real estae and rebuilding it, starting with the basic structure.  And because we know that a tree house is a metaphor for the home base that everyone should have.

As children, you probably dreamed of a simple but unique structure high up in the trees where you could escape and create your own world.  The desire of a hideaway of one's own never ends -- and as adults you really do get to find a home, buy it and turn it into an expression of yourself.

That's where we come in.

Here in Ann Arbor., a.k.a. Tree Town, the Tree House Realty Group is the company that can make home buying and selling a joyful and productive event.  Buying and selling real estate never has to be frightening or intimidating.  With our help, the real estate process can be the fulfillment of your dreams and expression of your deepest creative inspiration.


Who are we?

Broker Susan Fecteau is a long-term Ann Arbor residents and real estate brokers.  Her knowledge of market conditions, local rules and regulations, and neighborhoods in Washtenaw County is encyclopedic.  Beyond that, we have a level of knowledge of home construction and repair that is unparalleled in the local real estate community.


What sets us apart?

When you are making important choices about housing and finances, you want to know your agents will be hands-on, knowledgeable, and utterly dedicated to a successful outcome for you.

We know that your needs go beyond the cosmetic and the decorative. You want someone to take you all the way through the framework of each transaction and help you make the best choices.  We are the one group with the expertise, the vision, and the dedication to get you there.

We are a group of experienced career REALTORs who have chosen to form a team that goes back to basics.  We are a true team, a cooperative group of agents who have dedicated ourselves to service in every sense of the word.

We are dedicated to carrying out a true fiduciary relationship with our clients.  We will meet your full set of real estate needs for life, not just sell you a house. 

We offer an innovative approach to the practice of real estate.  We believe there is more to our work than marketing and selling homes.  Tree House Realty Group  provides a spectrum of care to our clients with such services as property management, facilitation of vacation-home sharing, relocation, and referral to trusted providers of home repair, maintenance, lawn and garden care, and home improvement work. We will do what it takes to help your life move forward successfully.



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